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Botanical Reed Diffuser - II. Midnight (somewhere)

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Midnight (somewhere) invokes an individual feeling for everyone. The subtle hints of lavender and rose may transport you to the splendour of France at dusk, a candlelit dinner in a sumptuous garden surrounded by fields of lavender. Find out where Midnight (somewhere) takes you.

The undertones of floral lavender with the sweet yet slightly bitter qualities of orange peel and rose geranium create an addictive aromatherapy fragrance you won’t be able to pull away from. This incredible blend of five essential oils is designed to bring peace and tranquillity to both the mind and body.

Our diffusers last up to six months dependent on room temperature and botanical oil blend. Turn reeds daily for best results. 


Transports you to

Endless lilac fields at dusk. Orchard blooms. Dewy orange and citrus dappled with rays of sun as it gently sets.

Formulation notes

Created in our Hackney Wick Studio.

Each of our Botanical Reed Diffusers are created with aromatherapy grade pure essential oils and housed in our UK made apothecary glassware. Vegan and Cruelty free our diffusers last up to 6 months.

Reminiscent of

A gentle gust of wind on a summers day. A distant warm memory afloat.

Usage notes

Place your diffuser in on a stable surface and turn reads daily for a more powerful sent throw.