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A bit about us...

Hello! we are SUN.DAY

Our story began in a little mountainous town where my family handpicked wild herbs and botanicals to make healing salves, teas and soaps for the locals. Years on, our botanical fragrances are handcrafted in our workshop in Hackney Wick, with the same premise in mind. Harnessing the properties of nature has transferred that very ethos into our range where each product is formulated using natural oils and solely plant-based ingredients.

IMAGE courtesy of Jutta Klee


Home fragrances should never come at a cost to your health. Every aspect of our candles, diffusers and mists have been formulated with your wellbeing in mind and are therefore free of synthetic perfume and paraffin.

We strive to be kind to the planet and kind to others. Our handcrafted candles are cruelty-free and vegan, housed in apothecary jars produced in the UK with pure cotton wicks.

We use GMO-free coconut and palm-free plant waxes, as well as generous doses of our uniquely formulated aromatherapy-grade, essential oil blends.

When we first began we painstakingly hand-cut and finished glass cider bottles that we sourced from local pubs and good friends for one of our collections. 

No part of our candle range is produced en mass in a labour saving country at a low cost. Everything we use is carefully sourced, local and most importantly natural. 

We hope that our botanical candles will bring an ethereal sense of balance and tranquillity to your home in the midst of a busy lifestyle, as well as highlighting the transitional moment between working and living now that so many of our homes have become a place for both.