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Botanical Body Oil Massage Candle

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A unique collaboration piece which is made of purely natural plant ingredients, paired with an opulent blend of aromatherapy-grade essential oils, and housed in a one of a kind, limited edition porcelain vessel designed and handcrafted by the Japanese artist, Ikuko Iwamoto in collaboration with Sunday founder, Natasha.  Our unique formula of nourishing butters and opulent oils work to moisturise, nourish and reconnect our minds and bodies. , whilst the harmonious notes of Rose, Roman Chamomile and Neroli create a truly nourishing sensorial experience.


How to use

Made of natural plant ingredients and paired with an opulent blend of aromatherapy-grade essential oils. The candle is lit to allow the oils to liquify, before you blow out the flame and massage the nourishing blend into your skin. The unique mixture is hand-whipped to give you a nourishing & warming luxurious experience. Use the warming oils in the candle as part of your daily healing and moisturising ritual or with a partner for a luxuriously intimate experience.

Formulation notes

Deeply woody notes of Amyris and cedar are entwined with delicate floating petals of rose, chamomile and jasmine. Relaxing aphrodisiac properties envelope the grounding rich woods . Sweet and sensual overtones harmonise perfectly to create an opulent otherworldly experience. Ingredients benefits The relaxing and sedative powers of Amyris, Cedarwood Atlas and Chamomile, is carefully aided by the nourishing and healing properties of Bulgarian Rose and Geranium, and paired with the purifying properties in Pink Pepper. Together, these natural oils help to reconnect us.


Jojoba Wax, Candelila Wax, Shea Butter, Lilipe Butter, Coconut Butter. Mango Butter, Prickly Pear Oil, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Essential Oils (Pink Pepper, Amyris, Neroli, Cedarwood Atlas, Geranium, Rose, Roman Chamomile), Cotton wick.

Collaboration with Ikuko Iwamoto

We were thrilled to collaborate with renowned & award winning London based artist Ikuko Iwamoto. Ikuko uses porcelain to create eccentric pieces and sculptures. Her fundamental inspiration comes from intricate and fragile looking structures, and odd forms found in microscopic world.