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III. Rooftop Garden

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Invoke the living energy of each home-grown botanical in this thoughtfully crafted fragrance. Passed from loving elder to inquisitive apprentice, Rooftop Garden is steeped in familial wisdom and a deep ancestral connection to the healing magic of the herb garden. The rich and herby scents of Thyme and Basil dispel darkness from the mind, stimulating a vibrational lift. The floral touch of Lavender and Ylang-Ylang linger with the prevailing essence of harmony, restoring our inner balance, whilst the vibrancy of Bergamot lightens us, allowing us to experience and electric sparkly sense of joy. 

Transports you to

A solitary rooftop blooming with citrus trees herbs of thyme, basil and lavender plants surrounded by vistas across the city.

Formulation notes

Created in our Hackney Wick Studio using pure aromatherapy grade pure essential oils in our specially formulated rapeseed wax & pure cotton wick.

Always handcrafted in small batches, never any palm oil, soy free and absolutely nothing synthetic.

180ml/6oz approximately 45-50 hours burn time.

Reminiscent of

Handpicked bergamot at dawn, smoked tea leaves, a citrus haze. Verdant gardens dotted with olive and fig trees. Wild herbs & earth. The warm mediterranean breeze bringing all their scents to life in unison.