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Scented Sculptures

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Our new piece is a handcrafted porcelain scented object and your very own unique scented sculpture in limited edition numbered on the back (1-100).

SUN.DAY of London has partnered with fine artist Ikuko to produce these unique objects that are both pieces of art while functioning as a fragrant point out of which a gentle scent emanates from. Filling small spaces with your signature Sunday fragrance. 

Each piece is refillable and is a unique blend of our formulations in a far more potent form so that the pieces continue to imbue the space and diffuse scent throughout the day, constantly.

The hanging scented sculpture will come in all seven of our fragrances and can be refilled endlessly once it has reached the end of its olfactory journey. 

SUN.DAY of London’s products harness the healing power of plants to provide calmness and comfort to today’s chaotic lifestyles. The unique blends of pure aromatherapy-grade essential oils are guaranteed to uplift both the mind and body.